Crossing the North sea on horseback


This trip takes place around Rømø, part of the Wadden Sea National Park, located in the Jutland region of Danmark. And the hundreds of horses from the Kommandørgården are the best guides you can imagine to discover this UNESCO Heritage Site. 

Trails rides

Kommandørgården organises tours from 1 to 8 hours, for the beginners to the most experience riders, everyone can find their fit.

The horses at Kommandørgården are all Icelandic Horses, with a kind temper and a comfortable four beat gait called the Tölt, it is making them the perfect match for your first time on a horse.

But don’t make mistake to their small size, some of them can be extremely fast and strong and will give amazing thrills to the confirmed riders.

80 years ago, Rømø was only made of sand and you could see the sea from any place on the island. To avoid coastal erosion, the locals planted many trees. Now, you can enjoy riding on windy past through these forests called Plantage.

Sonderstrand, Havsand and Lakolk beach are forming together one of the biggest beach of Europe. And what is best than a fast gallop to enjoy this immensity?

Crossing the sea

But if you clicked on this blog, it is to read about the incredible experience of crossing the sea.

Near Rømø is located Mandø, a 7.63 km² island with only 40 inhabitants. This trip stars on Rømø where you pack everything needed and load your four legs companions in the trailer.

The ride begins in Vester Vedsted where you unload the horses, get ready and start the crossing. It is crucial to follow the tide for this tour, as you can cross at low tide and up to 0.6m, after that, the water will be too high for the horses, and even the road for the cars get flooded. You understood well, you could get stuck on the island. But no worries, your guide know perfectly how to bring you home safe, but not always dry!  

The crossing takes around one hour through the breath-taking views of the sea and the sweet sound of the water splashing. Once on the island, you will ride for approximately 2 hours around endless fields full of loose sheep, wide beaches and the cute village of Mandøby where you will see a church from 1727. Afterwards, you will get a well-deserved rest at the Mandøgården for lunch. Then, start your ride back through the island, across the sea and back to the mainland.

But that’s not it! If you join the Koresand Tour or the Mandø weekend, you get the chance to go on another incredible ride to the neighbouring island : a 24km² island made only of sand also called the “Wet Desert”. The tour stars from Mandø, and you get to enjoy another sea crossing, but shorter this time. Once on Koresand, it does feel like you are lost in the middle of the desert. But no worries, your guide knows this island and won’t get you lost! This is the perfect place for enjoying long tölts and thrilling gallops.

Food and accommodation

The Kommandørgården is also a hotel complex with comfy rooms or wood cabins, so you can sleep from a walking distance of the horses. The restaurant offers a la carte menu or a buffet to enjoy Danish dishes.

Other activities

During your stay on Rømø you can also enjoy a horse wagon tour to the Plantage or to the beach. Perfect for resting after a long day in the saddle, or for convincing your non-rider friends to have a horsey experience. You can also enjoy oyster, eagle, black sun, amber tours or beach sailing. And don’t forget to stop to grabe pancakes, ice cream or bubble waffles before you leave the island!

If this made you want to visit this exciting place, find their website below for more information and booking enquiries

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