Pacific Ocean through horses ears


Icelandic Horses are not so common in New Zealand, which makes it even more special to discover the Pacific Ocean through the ears of this very special breed.

Riding at Christchurch Icelandic Horse Treks

Inga, the owner, offers ride for riders with limited experience to fully experienced riders. You can choose from a 1-hour ride along the beautiful tidal Brooklands lagoon, to a 2,5-hour ride through the pine forest and along Spencer Beach. Depending on your experience, you get to enjoy walk, tölt, canter and gallop. With the supervision of the guide, you will get to take care of your horse before and after the ride. Rides take place with a limited number of riders to ensure safety and fun. I had the pleasure of riding with Inga and her horses many times, and I always had a blast!

Icelandic Horses in New Zealand

Icelandic horses are small but very strong. With a kind temper and a comfortable four beat gait called the Tölt, it is making them the perfect match for riders with little experience. But don’t make mistake to their small size, some of them can be fast and will give amazing thrills to the confirmed riders. What is for sure, is that Inga will pick the perfect horse for you depending on your wishes and riding ability.

Icelandic horses have only been in New Zealand for about three decades and today there are around 200 Icelandic horses in the country. Luckily for Icelandic Horses’ lovers, their numbers are slowly but steadily increasing: about 6 to 10 foals are born each year, with occasional horses imported from Europe or Australia. Inga is herself breeding and training amazing, sweet and skilled Icelandic Horses.

If this made you want to visit this exciting place, find their website below for more information and booking enquiries.

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