Finnish Lapland

TRAVEL DATE : WINTER 2019/2020/2022

The land of Santa Claus is full of wonders, from dog sledding to Aurora hunting, your holidays can never be long enough to enjoy it all. But here are some activities I recommand to make most of your time in winter wonderland. I have been in the area of Ruka, Kuusamo (small winter village north east of Finland) but similar activities are available throughout Lapland.

Dog sledding

Mushers will take you through the safety rules for driving your own sled before guiding you on an amazing ride through the endless forests and frozen lakes. After the tour, you get to learn more about the Alaskan and Siberian huskies and their lifestyle as sled dogs. If you are lucky, you may even meet with some adorable puppies ! In the area of Ruka, I recommend Erä-Susi Huskies for an unforgetable experience along happy dogs and fantastic mushers.  

Reindeer farm

The year of the Reindeer, starting in May when the calves come to the world, is something special and the reindeer farmers will tell you all about it. In Finland, reindeers spend the summer roaming free eating lichens, herbs and grasses but come back to their home in the winter to enjoy plenty of food once the vegetation gets covered by the snow. Reindeers’ antlers drop and regrow every year. But I don’t want to spoil it all, you’ll have to hear the whole story from the farmers, it is so captivating. The reindeers will also take you with them for a sled ride, as if you were Santa on his Christmas quest. If you are in Ruka, you should definitely visit Kujalan Porotila to learn all about the reindeers and their herders.


A fun a thrilling way to enjoy Lapland’s landscape by going through forests, frozen lakes and you may even get the chance to encounter some reindeers on the way who forgot to get home for the winter.

Ice fishing

Drill a hole through the ice, put the bait on the hook and enjoy the quietness of the nature while waiting for fishes to bite ! Fun fact, your Sami guide will recommend you put the baits in your mouth to keep them warm and alive ! Not for everyone’s taste though …

Snowshoeing in Oulanka National Park

Finland is full of National Parks. I got the chance to discover Oulanka in the region of Kuusamo. But there’s many more that you could visit. Regarding Oulanka, I will let the pictures speak for themselves:

Santa Claus village

In Rovaniemi, the capital city of Lapland, is the official village of Santa. You will get the chance to meet Santa, go through his official post office and cross the arctic circle. Nearby is a Ice hotel, with ice sculptures, Ice bar and Ice restaurant.

The house of Santa Claus

In Kuusamo, there’s also the house of Santa where you will be welcomed by elves and play in the snow until Santa invites you into his home. He will tell you all about his story, teach you the finish Santa song and kids will get to bake Christmas cookies with Mrs. Claus.

Northern Lights

If the magnetic and solar conditions are reunited, if the night is fresh and cloudless, then you might get the chance to observe these dancing lights in the sky !

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